The Texas Lyme Disease Association

The Next Epidemic

Lyme disease is the most common vector-borne disease in the U.S. From 1994-2006, an average of 74 cases was reported annually in Texas and many diagnosed cases are not reflected in official statistics.With these chilling statistics in mind we partnered with the Texas Lyme Disease Association to design and develop a brand identity and web site to not only support the first ever Lyme Awareness Walk in Houston, TX, but to also serve as a resource for Texans seeking knowledge of this debilitating disease.

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FLOR: Brand refinement and channel integration

We saw something beautiful –
and then FLORed it.

We were tasked by FLOR’s executive management team to help them better articulate their value proposition, demonstrate the endless creative possibilities of the product and integrate their two primary sales and marketing tools – their catalog and website. We saw something beautiful and together we defined a unique brand position, a clearly articulated message, and a communications plan and strategy helping increase sales and conversions.

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Whitepaper: Culture, Code and Compliance


Code of Conduct:
Communication Best Practices

By Edward Schweitzer

The need to set standards of conduct that facilitate legal compliance and risk avoidance is an organizational imperative which any Code of Conduct must address. Yet, a purely defensive, compliance-based approach to integrity and risk management has been shown to have its limitations.

Increasing public disapproval of corporate conduct that is questionable is causing some companies to think more about how they achieve business goals, as well as what they do. With this generally comes greater focus in companies’ codes on ethics and other values-based standards that are not actually mandated by laws and regulations.

As companies figure out how best to reflect and address such concerns in the context of their own business environment, the code development and review process must necessarily acknowledge questions of reputation and stakeholder trust, and the underlying issues of organizational identity and culture. Thus it has become necessary to consider what a code communications campaign can and should convey about the nature of the organization, what the organization stands for and its aspirations.

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A Code of Conduct,
of and for the people

During a time of considerable conflict and controversy Altria needed to refresh it’s Code of Conduct to speak with employees across various operating companies. In collaboration with k-nekt, we led a research effort to understand how employees felt about the Code and the cultural environment surrounding it. Our insights led us to the development of a ‘people-first’ approach to communications and messaging. Not only did we help to launch the program to all it’s companies, we also delivered a tagline which became the voice of an organization.

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