Land of Nod

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Once upon a time…

Welcome to the last big story in catalog retailing, The Land of Nod. It’s a typical story. Man quits job. Wife has baby. Man and wife can’t find cool stuff for the baby’s room. Man starts business out of basement with childhood friend. They make cool stuff. The rest is history.

“It’s one of the most clever catalogs I’ve ever seen.

The copy and design is enchanting.”

– Gordon Segal, CEO of Crate & Barrel, Partner Land of Nod

Right from the beginning the mission was clear. Deliver hand-crafted and well-designed products in a fun and engaging way – and, oh yes, have a large retailer buy into the company and help take your products into brick and mortar stores, increase service and expand the product selection. Through the creation of a witty visual/verbal marketing strategy, a unique identity and the definition of a strong brand position, we helped Nod become a shining knight in the world of children’s room furnishings and develop a new niche market. Within 2 years Crate and Barrel became a partner and everyone rode off into the sunset.

The End.