FLOR: Brand Refinement and Channel Integration

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Brand refinement and integration
across multiple media channels

Workshop facilitation, strategy setting, branding and communications design.

We see something beautiful.
Its simple math really…designerly carpet tiles + adhesive FLOR dots© = cool carpets and rugs! Multiply that with a parent company led by one of the greenest CEO’s on the planet and you have a an environmentally friendly product that feeds your creative muse. It was in support of this vision that we were engaged by FLOR’s executive management team to review, refine and integrate the FLOR brand across various marketing channels – primarily the catalog and website.

We launched the project with an off-site workshop at Architectural Artifacts where we led FLOR executives, brand teams, a CMO from another online retailer and real-world customers through a series of highly purposive exercises and discussions. The day-long event centered on rethinking channel integration, brand refinement and product demonstration opportunities to innovate not only ‘how’ the company speaks with its customers, but ‘what’ it says to them. Using proprietary as well as tried and true tactics (SWOT, role-playing exercises, etc.), we quickly identified and vetted untapped opportunities for creating a stronger relationship between the company and its customers.

At right: Communications ethisphere – diagramming the hierarchical relationships between messaging strategy and the most effective and preferred customer touch points.

Upon completion of the off-site we analyzed the findings and developed some key customers insights, as well as identifying many untapped marketing opportunities. These insights and actions were documented and delivered as Words from the Flor: Insights into the mind of the market.




< Words from the Flor: Insights into the mind of the market set forth a new concept in merging FLORs communication channels through a comprehensive and branded visual/verbal program. The report outlined messaging opportunities demonstrating the creative utility of the product and provided recommendations on how to convert customers using 5 innovative message concepts: 1. The Great Idea Story; 2. The Creativity Story; and 3. The Cool Enterprise Story. These topics were supported by two minor themes, 4. The Utility Story (i.e., cozy nesting) and 5. The Green Story, behind FLOR’s parent company and product.


An integral part of the communications strategy, and linked to the themed storylines,
was the development of a 12 foot long editorial calendar poster identifying messaging touch points and tactics,
aligned themes and launch dates, as well as reproducible copy, headlines and topics.

Once all teams agreed upon the refined direction of the brand and communications integration plan, we developed a Standards and Guidelines manual detailing modifications and refinements in a number of areas. Recommendations included, but were not limited to: marketing strategies for consumer as well as trade audiences; a multi-tiered, multi-targeted approach to integrating communications across channels; a product demonstration strategy rooted in psychology and social research, a unique brand voice and tonality across all marketing channels, swatching recommendations, product merchandising and usage innovation; and a design aesthetic centered on product utility and creativity.

It’s not often that we become evangelists and gush about our customers products, but FLOR is the cat’s meow.

The following graphical links explore some of the recommendations we provided FLOR.