Novo Nordisk: National Sales Meeting Presentations

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Complex information simplified.

Data and information design, presentation design and storytelling.

Novo Nordisk has the broadest diabetes product portfolio in the pharmaceutical industry, including the most advanced products within the area of insulin delivery systems. With more than 27,000 employees in 81 countries and a global sales force of over 2,000 reps, sharing complex company information effectively can be difficult. Presenting 45 minutes of detailed incentive compensation data to a large and highly charged group of sales reps at National conferences is at best emotional. Helping entrepreneurial sales reps understand how physician segmentation analytics affect their call plan and detailing in 30 minutes is insane. And yet, with the team at k-nekt, we’ve helped Novo deliver complex data and critical information in an educational, entertaining and successful manner.
Check back here in the upcoming weeks for more information about our wildly successful relationship with Novo Nordisk.

“The top presentation during the entire POA to date! Great delivery,

well prepared, outstanding, direct creative slide animations.”

– Vice President, National Diabetes Sales, Novo Nordisk