The Alter Group

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“We Develop Relationships”

When a company’s tagline is “We Develop Relationships” you have to work extra hard to maintain them as a client. We’ve helped the Alter Group market commercial and Industrial real estate in more than 42 markets across the United States.

On the occasion of the their 50th anniversary, we created a campaign inviting the Alter Group’s customers to ‘develop a relationship’ of their own – over a free cup of coffee. Behind the scenes we championed a method to collect qualitative response information and enhance their contact database. The response was unprecedented – out of 7,500 mailings the campaign achieved a better than 80% response rate which lead to a couple of the largest projects in their 50 year history.
Lesson 1: Never underestimate the power of a $10 Starbucks card.

We’ve been told by two of the Alter Group’s biggest competitors that our marketing and communication designs for the company are viewed as “groundbreaking”, “seminal” and “the best in the industry”.

Then they tried to hire us. Lesson 2.

















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